Enterprise software solutions powered by the latest tech.

Today, every institution faces the challenge of performing Digital Transformation. Whether you aim to use AR to simplify a part of your value chain, or create an IoT ecosystem with Smart Contracts, our engineers know all the key tech stacks needed to help you in this way.

Real estate stakeholders want a great living experience. With expectations evolving / heightening each year, how do you want to make your  service an essential asset?

Whatever the answer. We can help with that.

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Blockchain Systems

Introduce a higher level of security and automation to your key housing operations.

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Cloud computing

Our experts have the experience and expertise in all key cloud computing technologies and platforms to help you scale, build reliable microservices and hybrid cloud product extensions, and more.

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Augmented Reality

AR solutions can simplify complex operations and give you quick, impactful results.

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Internet Of Things

Secure, scalable IoT ecosystem with sensors to monitor key processes, use IoT solutions to create individual user experiences across the board.

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Artificial Intelligence

Use machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence technology solutions to automate operations, tackle Big Data, and deliver tailor-made user experiences.

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a building with many windowsa close-up of hands on a tablea person holding a virtual reality devicea view of the earth from spacea grey toy figure

What we’ve Delivered

System requirements


#TheGrid is a highly available and resilient, fully supplier-hosted and managed system based on open standard technologies enabling interface/integration with other systems, both in and outbound.


Workflow for processing and data capture is present throughout all processes and enable dynamic and optimal resource scheduling, including multi-person or multi team work, with ability to surface travel routes to staff and track location and work progress status.

Property Management

Ability to hold multiple asset types with both rentable and non-rentable options and their associated attributes, boundaries, leases, deeds, maintenance schedules, aids and adaptations and accessibility data. Technical specification/blueprint of the property, with layout, key information and photographs.

Tenancy Management

Ability to hold multiple rent accounts per tenancy and raise charges/invoices against account with unique payment references.


Ability to store detailed person and household information against unique references, including disability and medical, equality and diversity data, sensitive information, financial and welfare data, warning notes and support plans.

Self-service And Communications

Real time customer and contractor self-service, with integration into back office process/workflow/appointments booking.

Accessibility Requirements

Digital services meet level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) as a minimum.


Ability to integrate and automate all process where required with income systems, purchase ordering and budget management systems.

Business Intelligence

Real time reporting, static reporting and dynamic reporting capabilities, with permission-based user dashboard enabling graphical display and drill down; ability to integrate to geographical information systems.

Document Management And Compliance

Electronic document and records management against each record.

Commercial Activity

Ability to segregate and define setup and processing per business activity to enable provision of services to other organisations.

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